Department of Geography Friday Afternoon Seminar

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Join the Department of Geography for a Friday Afternoon Seminar with Dave Schroeder and Hilary Cameron, on Friday, October 25th from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in AH117. They will present, "FireSmart Vegetation Management Research
in Alberta." Everyone is welcome to attend!

This seminar presentation will address the need for FireSmart vegetation management research and showcase some of the work being done in Alberta and beyond. We will begin with a primer about wildfire basics and how vegetation affects the way wildfires spread. This discussion will include models that are used to forecast wildfire spread and intensity. We will show that vegetation management is one way that wildfire and land managers can mitigate the risk of unwanted wildfires.

Vegetation management is a long established practice by many First Nations, primarily through the use of prescribed fire. In today’s era wildland landscapes encompass many permanent communities that are dependant on resource based industries. Prescribed fire is still used as a hazard reduction tool, but other tactics are also needed. The establishment of “newer” FireSmart vegetation management tools has to date been largely based on the knowledge of wildfire managers gained from wildfire suppression experience.However  knowledge gained from wildfire observations does not translate into a thorough understanding of current FireSmart vegetation management effectiveness. In response Alberta and partner agencies have established a research program to evaluate vegetation management effectiveness. Examples of results to date, on-going work and opportunities for new work will be discussed.

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Free. Everyone welcome!


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