Conversations in the Arts

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Conversations in the Arts
12 pm, March 12, 2018
Room W870, Centre for the Arts
FREE admission, everyone welcome!

Fine arts faculty share their research and creative activities.  This session features Dr. Anne Dymond from the Department of Art and Dr. Blaine Hendsbee from the Department of Music.

Dr. Anne Dymond
Let's Hear it for the (White Boys): Diversity in the Vancouver Art Scene
Dr. Dymond gives a brief overview of her research on cultural and gender diversity in the Vancouver contemporary art scene.  Time permitting, she will also demonstrate a second research project on teaching and learning, the computer game The Curator: Time Unhenged  (

Dr. Blaine Hendsbee
The Male Singing Voice
Dr. Hendsbee's study leave research focusses on various elements of the classical male singing voice. The male singing voice undergoes radical changes in the teenage years, and continues to develop, morphe and transform throughout a singer's life. Suitable repertoire, performance experiences, and technical modifications  must be found and implemented at all phases of an artist's life to maximize a singer's strengths and capabilities in a safe, healthy, and positive way.

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Light refreshments provided.


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