Art NOW Series: Shannon Bool

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Art NOW presents Shannon Bool
House of Oblivion
12 pm | November 25, 2019
University Recital Hall
Free admission, everyone welcome!

Shannon Bool’s latest body of work stems from her interest in prevailing narratives of modernist architecture. Floor plans, bathrooms, private villas and surfaces from protagonists such as Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Adolf Loos have acted as blueprints for our attitudes and behaviour in contemporary space. Bool links analysis of specific architectural projects with material processes that seek to subvert hierarchies and topple masculine authoritative readings of materials and space. Using a broad range of mediums, spanning painting, photography, sculpture and textiles, Bool seeks to deconstruct our assumptions of reality with materials. Shannon Bool will take the audience through the material aspect of her practice and guide them through her labyrinth of references, associations and her excavations of the unconscious.


In Shannon Bool’s works the body becomes the central “area of the images”. Her interest is based on the concept of the “Lived Body,” a term coined by the phenomenologist Merleau-Ponty contending that external reality and subjective identity are the reciprocal result of bodily experience and action in space. A crucial role in this regard is played by the adaptation of history and the production techniques of the most various cultural spheres, ranging from the corporeal processes of sculpture and painting all the way to the generation of synthetic, digital image worlds.

Born 1972, Shannon Bool has lived in Germany since 2001. She is professor of Painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Mainz, Germany. Her works are part of renowned museum collections such as Kunstmuseum Bonn, Metropolitan Museum New York, LBBW Collection, Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt, Collection of the Federal Estate of Germany, Lenbachhaus Munich, and The National Gallery of Canada. Recent solo exhibitions have been at The Kunstverein Braunschweig, Centre Culturel Canadien in Paris (both 2019), Musée Joliette Canada (2018). She has participated at internationally renowned group exhibitions such as "Germany is no Island" at Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, "I am a Problem" at Museum of Modern Art Frankfurt (2017), "Mentally Yellow" at Kunstmuseum Bonn (2017), La Biennale de Montréal, and at "In the Picture: Overpainted Photography" (2019) at Sprengel Museum Hannover.
Link to recent review of Bool's exhibition by Carina Bukuts in Frieze

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