Art NOW Series: Freyja Patton

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Art NOW presents Freyja Patton
After Baldessari: Exploring the Connections Between Language and Art
Noon, October 30, 2019
University Recital Hall
Free admission, everyone welcome!

Freyja Patton is a visual artist whose work explores the connections between language and art. For Patton, writing and drawing are synonymous, and art is simply another way to synthesize information and learn about the world around us. Patton will provide an overview of Their Work Thus Far and will discuss the influences of other text-based artists such as Baldessari and bpNichol, communication theory, language development, various language phenomenon, existentialism, and mark-making in their work. For the less theory-inclined, there will also be plenty of puns.

Freyja Patton is an American artist residing in Canada, whose focus is on language and art. Patton has a BFA from the University of Lethbridge (2011), and is currently pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta (online cohort).

Patton specializes in an informal and playful style of production, treating words and language as both material and inspiration with the intent to challenge and engage viewers in internal and external conversations. For Patton, writing and drawing are synonymous, and art is simply another way of synthesizing information and learning about the world around us.

Freyja Patton's website:

Patton's exhibition, 1984 Cranes, is on view at Casa in the Main Gallery from November 2 to December 21.

Art NOW wishes to thank Casa for their collaboration in making Freyja's presentation possible.


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