ART NOW - Annie Martin Speaks October 14th, 2015 at Noon in the Recital Hall

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Of dirty art and impure forms

Providing some context for my installation project “flotilla” (2015), I will discuss the question of making from a first-person perspective: that of a maker, or studio practitioner. Through images, I will explore several working concepts derived from the realm of animal life through which we might reconcile the found and the crafted object and skilled and unskilled making. Putting into question ideas of purity- of material, form, species, culture- I will sketch out an impure maker within an impure environment, wherein a joyous reuse and engagement with materiality result in new cultural forms. Here, cultural forms (art objects) could be said to gather value through use and reuse, becoming meeting points for social exchange and the creation and sharing of cultural energies.

Annie Martin's creative practice traverses installation, audio and video art, textile, drawing and performative practices. Her installations, sound and video works have been exhibited widely in Canada, and sometimes internationally. Martin received her MFA in Art from Concordia University, Montreal, in 1994 and her BFA in 1989 from the same institution. Since 2005, she has lived and worked in Lethbridge Alberta, where she is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Lethbridge. 

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