ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN NOW - Leanne Elias Speaks March 12th, 2018 at 6pm in L1060

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Can Art and Design Make Sense of Data?

The growing field of Data Visualization is situated at the fertile intersection of art and science. It explores the symbiotic coupling of these seemingly disparate disciplines, by finding connection among the distinct goals, methodologies, and contexts of artistic and scientific pursuit. Data, in its simplest sense, can be described as facts or statistics collected together for analysis. But things are rarely so simple, and in a moment of human development when data continues to escalate in quantity, complexity, and value, it may be timely to ask: What are the cultural, environmental, and political implications of data? How is data collected and used in contemporary society? Can art make sense of data? And how will data fundamentally change the character of art?

Leanne Elias is an Associate Professor of New Media in the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lethbridge.

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