ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN NOW - Ken Aitkens Speaks March 20th, 2017 at 6pm in L1060

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Challenging the Expectations of Design, Education, and Career in An Overwhelming Superficial Culture


Ken Aitkens is the founder and lead designer at Lethbridge-based Type Three Homes. Born and raised in Southern Alberta, he became aware of the unique opportunities that living in a smaller centre can pose for a young entrepreneur. After completing his first residential redevelopment at 18 years of age, Ken spent the next decade learning the ins and outs of the residential construction industry. In 2009 Type Three Homes was born. Type Three is a design + build company that focuses on modern architectural design through infill development. It was birthed out of a frustration of seeing the industry generally content with a status quo and a mentality of mediocrity. Type Three is based around a core value of purposeful intentional design. The focus of Type Three has evolved over the last 8 years from being a company that designed and developed different than their cookie cutter counter parts to the current force in leading the way in revitalizing depressed neighbourhoods and creating and promoting an authentic sense of community that is hard to find anywhere else in Lethbridge.

Ken currently lives in Lethbridge. He is passionate about the redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown core and surrounding neighbourhoods along with creating a sense of community within the neighbourhoods where Type Three builds. In his “free time”, Ken loves spending his time with his wife Erin and wrestling with his 4 young boys.

In his talk, Ken will address the need to for today’s designers, students and entrepreneurs to challenge the expectations of design, education and career in an overwhelmingly superficial culture.

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