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Amalgamedia Combines Exhibition, Presentations and Original Video Games

The breadth of New Media studies are on display at Amalgamedia, the end-of-semester showcase for senior University of Lethbridge New Media students.  This free, family-friendly exhibition opens Friday, April 8 at 7 pm at the Dr. Foster James Penny Building, 324 S. 5th St. The exhibition, which runs from April 8 – 13, is open from 1 to 5 pm on the weekend and 1 – 4:30 pm weekdays. 

On Saturday April 9 and Sunday April 10 the public is invited to view a wide range of student presentations, time-based artwork, original games and motion-capture animations.

Saturday April 9 Presentations

Allyson Cikor- Project IKIRYO, narrative with VR controllers, using Oculus Rift, Mixing High Fantasy and Cyber

Court Davies - Rocket Knight Recreation, sidescroller recreating the beginning level of old game with original contributions; “Rocket Knight Adventures” standalone

Tory Christensen - Project Citadel, environment of futuristic 3d castle with furniture/assets

Stefie Simms - TACC TV, MMOG game [artwork, marketing]

Ian Wong - NovaWolfPrimePlays, gameplay channel youTube

Jesze Kaszas - Project Cheeseboy, “Snowman Sidescroller” [game] standalone

Ayden Broadhead - Amalgamedia, poster series utilizing historical methods of composition

Alex Gimson - Veilia, Story-driven exploration/adventure game using the UnReal engine

Phil Rockerbie - Daybreak, architectural projection mapping

Sunday April 10 Presentations & Festival

Motion Capture Festival - 8 mocap animations, and 4 time-based standalones

Scott, Emerson - Balalaika, short film homage to 1960s movies using Miniatures

Ehrler, Eric - This Grand Life, animation 5-10 min, mixing media

Bird, Dion - Find Your Passion, 8.5-min motion graphics experiment using moving text

Dapilos, Alinar - Grind Now/Cry Never, 15-min music video

“Visitors have the opportunity to see what our students have been doing and play video games created this semester by New Media students, who will there to answer questions,” says New Media professor Dr. Will Smith.





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