Alberta's Tomorrow Project: Health Data in Store for You

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Alberta’s Tomorrow Project (ATP) is the province’s largest-ever health research platform, launched in 2000 to help investigate the causes and prevention of cancer and chronic disease.  Established to track the health of 55,000 adults aged 35-69 for up to 50 years, ATP will enable unprecedented investigation into the health and lifestyle of Albertans.  Learn how the project got off the ground, and how its team now plans to make sure researchers across Alberta and around the world can learn from its massive database.

Dr. Jennifer Vena, PhD, Research Lead, Alberta’s Tomorrow Project, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary. As Research Lead, Dr. Jennifer Vena is responsible for managing, mentoring and leading members of the research team in developing publications and grant proposals, as well as helping build research capacity by supervising and mentoring external trainees. Dr. Vena fosters scientific relationships by providing research support and collaboration to external scientists applying for access to ATP data, and develops the research portfolio through identification of research opportunities and evaluation of assessment protocols.

Workshop Objectives

1. Describe the mission and history of Alberta’s Tomorrow Project (ATP) 

2. Review the value longitudinal data provide for studying the development and prevention of cancer and chronic diseases

3. Review the steps necessary to apply for ATP data and variables to facilitate individual research projects


Room or Area: 

Free and open to all.


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