Alana Bartol, Processes of Remediation: Art, Relationships, Nature

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Join our live conversation from the new exhibition, “Processes of Remediation: Art, Relationships, Nature” with artist Alana Barton and curator Josephine Mills. Hosted via zoom webinar, tune it to ask questions and see the new show. Zoom registration link at Registration Link:

The live event will be from 7 pm to 8 pm, Thursday, January 21, 2021.

Processes of Remediation: art, relationships, nature is a multi-part project by Mohkinstsis (Calgary) based artist Alana Bartol. Adapted to the closure of public spaces and events, the project involves an online residency, mentorship of two emerging artists, and culminates with this exhibition in uLethbridge’s Hess Gallery. This exhibition harnesses the power of art to provide new perspectives and open up dialogue in order to respond to one of the most important issues of our times, the environmental crisis. 

"In a time of ecological crisis, when we have choices to make about protecting wildlife, lands and watersheds, how can we envision and help secure a future for this place where the coal stays inside the earth? How do we imagine ways forward that are not predicated on the continued destruction of the environment rooted in resource extraction and ongoing settler colonial violence? How can art play a role in this process?" - Alana Bartol

Bartol has been writing and posting videos, images of drawings, and photographs on her project website

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