2021 CAP Lecture Series-Career Opportunities in Physics - What to do Next?'

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Ms. Laura-Isabelle Dion-BertrandPhoton etc.
Email: lidion.bertrand@photonetc.com
Date and Time of Live Presentation: Fri, 12-Mar-2021 2:00 pm MT
Location: youtu.be/ecHaoZVWRsY

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Career Opportunities in Physics - What to do Next?'
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This talk will go over the different skills that physicists will acquire during their undergraduate and graduate studies. An overview of the different career paths will be given as well as tricks to network. Finally, we will discuss salaries and preparation for interviews.

"Opportunités de carrière en physique - Quel chemin prendre?" Cette conférence passera en revue les différentes compétences que les physiciens acquerront au cours de leurs baccalauréat, maitrise et doctorat. Un aperçu de différentes carrières possible sera donné ainsi que des astuces pour réseauter. Enfin, nous discuterons de la préparation de l'entrevue et des salaires.

Short bio

Laura-Isabelle is Photon etc.’s Director of Sales and Marketing. She harmonizes product development with market strategy while also improving brand visibility. She holds a BS in physics from the Université de Montréal. This is also where she earned a master’s degree in condensed matter physics while working on charge separation in organic photovoltaics. Her profound understanding of material science has led to numerous publications in collaboration with researchers worldwide. Laura-Isabelle’s knowledge has unlocked new potential for Photon etc.’s hyperspectral imaging systems.

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