Young Artists Music Academy - Piano/Guitar

Piano / Guitar 

Our academy program provides an enriching experience that will immerse students in high quality, intensive music experiences each week. The program runs from September - May. This program is perfect for students who live and breathe music. Application deadline is July 24!

Once accepted into the academy, we will specifically design a schedule that will work for you, and the Conservatory will subsidize the fees by up to 70% (NOTE: For students not studying privately through the Conservatory, the applicable subsidy is 50%).

 Each week will include the following activities:





Private Lessons

Weekly Private Lessons (Mandatory as part of YAMA)

Organized around student/instructor's schedule (fees are extra)


Ensemble* Many to choose from, based on student's interest and needs. TBD TBD
Friday's YAMA EXTENDED! (a different music related session each week, from audio engineering, composition, history, theory and more!) For All YAMA students Fridays (12 per semester) 2:30-3:15pm
Friday Chamber Classes* Chamber music rehearsals, work with coaches and technique classes Fridays (12 per semester) 3:30-5:00pm

Multi-Disciplinary Workshop





YAMA Christmas and Spring Recital

May 15, 2020





December 12, 2019 & May 7, 2020






7:00p.m., Casa

THEORY  Theory Course, plus exam, offered through RCM

-work at your own pace with theory lab times scheduled for you, as needed.

-Register on your own through their website 

*NOTE: Total fees includes all of the '*' noted activities (ie. fees do not include private lessons and theory course/exam fees).

LOCATION: Unless otherwise noted, all activities take place at Casa (230-8th St S).

In addition to the above activities, being in the academy will entitle students to performance and rehearsal spaces to do their own practicing and organize their own chamber rehearsals. Students can also expect email and in-person support and guidance from our academy directors. Academy students will be involved in many recitals, festivals, workshops, masterclasses and other performing opportunities (see event page for details).




LESS: 70% Subsidy for Conservatory Private Students

LESS: 50% Subsidy for students not studying privately at the Conservatory 





$645.00 OR $1075.00*

*$645 is the 70% subsidized rate, for students studying privately at the Conservatory.  $1075 is the rate for students taking privte lessons from outside of the Conservatory.  Each program is customized for each individual student. This fee DOES NOT include private lessons or theory courses, which are a mandatory part of the program, but are not subsidized.  Although theory fees are not covered, we will offer theory lab time to our Academy students.

Because this is an ensemble-based program, we need commitment from students long before the first day of classes. So, fees are due by August 16, 2019. Students must commit to both semesters.

Join us on this musical journey! Submit your application today!

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