Assumpta Smallwood

Assumpta Smallwood graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Music (Spring 2021) specializing in flute performance. During which she studied with Sarah MacDonald and received the Hembroff Music Award (2020). Assumpta is pursuing a career in music education and starts her education degree in Fall 2021.  

She believes that students learn effectively through engagement and accommodation in a positive environment. Accommodated and engaged learning is an intricate way of addressing the students’ needs to develop an interest, better understand the material, advocate for themselves and the instructor guides them to think critically on their own. In the context of private lessons, Assumpta guides her students to develop basic to intermediate flute skills through the flexibility of the student’s goals. 

She has performed with the University of Lethbridge Wind Orchestra. During which she was a librarian and flute section leader (2019 - 2020). She has also played with the UofL Woodwind Quintet, Mount Royal Chamber Flutes in Calgary, and Black Watch Marching Band of Kenosha, Wisconsin - USA.