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Project Organization

5. Project Organization

5.1 Project Organization Matrix

The proposed project organization for the University Campus Master Plan project is illustrated in the form of a matrix located in Appendix B.

5.2 Steering & Input Committees

The University Campus Plan Steering Committee (UCPSC) will be comprised of two distinct groups as follows:

1. The core UCPSC will be comprised of up to eight (8) primary representatives from University Senior Administration, Facilities and Campus Planning departments.

2. The Planning Input Sub-Committee (PIsC) will be comprised of several other individuals, such as Deans, key academic, research and support staff, students and a select few other campus representatives. Others may be invited to attend workshops or planning sessions in order to provide specific expertise or input on a limited basis only.

Please refer to Appendix B for a detailed list of proposed committee members and their communication relationships to the project manager and Prime
Consultant team.

5.3 Assigned Project Manager

The Planning & Capital Projects department of Facilities has assigned the following individual to act on behalf of the University of Lethbridge as the Project Manager and facilitator of this project:

D. Spencer Court, Architect AAA
Associate Director - Campus Planner

Campus Planning & Architecture - Facilities
t. 403.329.2508 e.

5.4 Planning Design Team

The Prime Consultant shall propose their team of sub-consultants who will comprise the entire Planning/Design Team for the project.