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Phase 1

  • The Campus Expansion Concept Plan provides for increased academic expansion within a 10 minute walk and a cohesive expansion framework that integrates new buildings within the existing campus.
  • Phase I makes provisions for a University Centre; 38,800 gross square metres (gsm) of academic expansion in 5 building sites (buildings A ,B ,C ,D & E); Energy Centre #2 and the Art Gallery which may either be located on the promontory site (labelled Exhibition on the plan) or as part of the University Centre; for a total of 49,800 gsm of new building area.
  • The University Centre (Field House with potential integration of the Art Gallery) is located west of the existing Phys.Ed. Building and is linked both at grade and at court level for expanded combined use of both facilities. A parking area of 100 stalls is provided adjacent to the University Centre dedicated for public use only.
  • An east-west pedestrian walkway, lined with trees, is proposed to link the soccer and tennis area to the new University Centre and Phys. Ed. Building. The tree lined esplanade also links the parking areas to the West Court, a main entry point into the campus in the courtyard space defined by Turcotte Hall, Phys.Ed. and Anderson Hall.
  • This pedestrian promenade extends further to the east to a proposed future University Club at one of the promontory sites which may also be jointly developed with the Art Gallery (labelled Exhibition on the plan) as an alternative site for the Gallery.
  • A new pedestrian bridge spanning Coulee Trail links the upper campus to the north end of University Hall.
  • Building A at 3 floors is the 2,400 gsm addition to Turcotte Hall (replacing the portables) and forms the main focus of the West Court.
  • Building B at 3 floors provides 8,000 gsm of academic expansion defining the south end of the new Quad.
  • The University Centre (Field House) at approximately 8,500 gsm and the Art Gallery at approximately 1,900 gsm could be combined as one facility or potentially separated as two distinct entities. The size of these facilities will be refined as their building program is developed.
  • All four of these buildings can likely be serviced by adding heating and cooling capacity to the existing Energy Centre #1.
  • The development of buildings in the Valley Road area (Buildings C, D and E) provide 8,000 gsm, 10,200 gsm and 10,200 gsm of building area respectively. Buildings D and E are separated at the two lower floors by a major pedestrian gateway linking the core campus to Exploration Place and the Research Green. The development of these 3 buildings would not proceed until a second Energy Centre (approximately 600 gsm) was built. It is proposed that Energy Centre #2 be located to the north of Building D to take advantage of the prevailing winds. A dedicated loading area is provided off of Valley Road to service the Energy Centre #2.
  • Campus support functions currently housed in the service buildings should be relocated to provide for the realignment of Valley Road. New space for Printing, Materials Management and Facilities departments should be located in the area of Energy Centre #2, perhaps as part of the ground floor of Building D with direct access to the loading area. Carpentry, Shop and Grounds Maintenance departments could be accommodated in the south campus area.
  • The realignment of Valley Road provides a stronger definition of the north campus entrance and allows direct views to the Quad and the heart of the campus. Bicycle lanes should be considered as part of the road pavement area. A 5 metre wide landscaped median is proposed in the roadway for the first segment of the realigned Valley Road. Double rows of trees framing sidewalks and pedestrian scale light standards are recommended on either side of the road (see Figure 4.5).
  • A new intersection at Valley Road close to University Drive provides direct access to the West lot and Exploration Place parking areas. A roundabout intersection is proposed as a means of providing through movements to both the north and south parking areas.
  • A new north-south road links the main campus to the athletic fields to the south and to Exploration Place to the north. Aperture Drive remains as a ceremonial entrance to the campus.
  • Parking displaced by new buildings plus additional parking demand will be accommodated through surface parking lots on the lands north of Valley Road in the Exploration Place area.