RIT League

Each week we will run the previous week's case for points and introduce the next case for practice. 

Each session will last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. You are only required to trade the league case for points if you wish, and can leave during the introduction of the next case.

Sessions are run twice, Thursday's and Friday's @ 2:00pm in the Trading Room, you are only required to attend either the Thursday or Friday session, but may attend both if you'd like. 

Your best 5 out of the 6 available sessions will be used to calculate your total points.

Points for each session are calculated as follows:

  • 5 points for the top 1/5th of participants
  • 4 points for the second 1/5th of participants
  • 3 points for the third 1/5th of participants
  • 2 points for the fourth 1/5th of participants
  • 1 point for the fifth 1/5th of participants

Cases will be run 2-3 times with the average of the results being used to calculate points.

You only need to attend one of the dates for each session, but you may attend both dates if you wish. If you choose to attend both dates your best result from the two dates will be used to calculate your points for the week.

IMPORTANT: To keep things fair and accurate, we will require a minimum of 5 participants for each session to calculate points.

Supporting Information

Session 1, October 27 & 28

Introduction to LT4

Session 2, November 3 & 4

LT4 for league points | Introduction to COM1

Session 3, November 17 & 18

COM1 for league points |  Introduction to LT4/ALGO*

Session 4, November 24th & 25th

LT4/ALGO for league points* | Introduction to AT2

Session 5, December 1 & 2

AT2 for league points | Introduction to COM2

Session 6, December 8 & 9

COM2 for league points

* LT4/ALGO is LT4 with the ability to use an ALGO to off-load positions and to trade arbitrage opportunities.