2020 Bridge Prize Winners

The Bridge Prize - 2020


The 2020 Bridge Prize winners have been selected!


Congratulations to Sara de Waal from the University of British Columbia for winning the top prize of $7,500 for her short story Cecilia and Richard.  Her winning story can be found at: 



Congratulations to the three Finalists who each receive $1,000 and a $200 gift card from Munro’s Books in Victoria, British Columbia.

Ahmad Danny Ramadan (University of British Columbia) – The Miraculous Return of Khaled from the Dead
Evan Nielsen (University of Calgary) - Harriet
James Cawkwell (University of Alberta) - Tadpole

Comments from the Jury

Cecilia and Richard:

“The most carefully constructed story we received, beautiful deployment of metaphor, especially when we’re told that the father has no energy for metaphor. This is a language story, filled with effective detail, colours painting words and consequences."

 Aritha Van Herk, Juror 

The Mysterious Return of Khaled from the Dead:

“Compelling story of young, forbidden love and the struggle to be free in what is supposed to be a free society. Beautiful imagery.” 

 Leslie Hurtig, Juror 


“This story was just pitch-perfect; uncanny but real, funny, and smart. As I read it during our weird and surreal annus horribilis, it didn’t feel like it was from a time “before.”

Charles Demers, Juror


Excellent Point of View and interior voice.”

Shelley Ambrose, Juror 

See the full list of authors who made the Bridge Prize 2020 Long List - 

“We are so pleased to congratulate Sara de Waal as the inaugural winner of the Bridge Prize.  Her story stood out among stiff competition from across the country, as deeply moving and beautifully written.  We are also grateful for the tremendous support the Bridge Prize has received from our sponsors and from authors and academics across Canada, in support of a new literary competition”

Dr. Shelly Wismath (Dean, School of Liberal Education)

“Congratulations to Sara and the Finalists for their creative and memorable stories.  A special thank you to our Main Jury and our Local Jury for their energy, time, and enthusiasm to support the next generation of Canadian literary talent.  The support of The Walrus and Munro’s Books was so instrumental in generating awareness and excitement for the Bridge Prize.  We look forward to a long partnership.”

Terry Whitehead, Bridge Prize Founder and Donor

Thank you to our Main Jury:

Thomas King (Head Juror), Shelley Ambrose, Charles Demers, Leslie Hurtig, and Aritha Van Herk. (https://www.uleth.ca/liberal-education/bridge-prize-national-short-story-award)

Thank you to our Local Jurors - 

Thank you to the 2020 Bridge Prize Corporate Sponsors



Founding Donor: Mr. Terry Whitehead

The founder and lead donor of the Bridge Prize is Terry Whitehead, a Vancouver-based alumnus of the University of Lethbridge.

School of Liberal Education at the U of L

The University of Lethbridge’s foundational teaching and learning philosophy of liberal education enhances the ability to explore, contextualize, and contribute to the world around us. Exploring and explaining the world through fiction is what writers do.

Submissions for the 2022 Bridge Prize will open March 30, 2021.