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NOTE: Most of the Data & GIS products listed here are under licensing agreements and are RESTRICTED to University of Lethbridge students, faculty and staff for academic research and teaching purposes only. If you are unable to obtain a file using the products listed below, please send your request to:

Data [More]

Data files consist of numeric data (i.e. raw numbers, no text) or spatial data (i.e. digitized maps) that are stored as computer-readable files. These data files may contain micro- or macrodata, and may be rectangular (flat), time-series, cross-sectional or longitudinal files.

Users extract required data from these files, generally download the results to their own computers, and then analyse them, using statistical analysis (e.g., SPSS) and other programs, in support of research hypotheses.

Documentation and other related files that support the use of data files may be available in electronic and/or print format.

GIS [More]

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system of hardware and software used for storage, retrieval, mapping and analysis of geographic data.

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