Management 3210
Consumer Behavior

Reference Materials


This guide is designed to help you find product and market information for your Consumer Behavior assignment.

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Reference Materials

In addition to the resources listed below, please also see the Help Guides, "Finding Company Information" and "Finding Industry Information". 

Product Information

Use Trade Indexes to see the same or similar products available from companies in your area.

Canadian Trade Index
Available in print and online through Fpinfomart.

Scott's Western Industrial
Available in print.
Use these indexes to find products by SIC or NAICS code and identify the companies which supply the products.

Use company web sites to learn about features of products and product lines.  Search for the full company name using an Internet search engine (e.g. Google).

Use trade or industry association web sites to learn more about products in that industry.  Use a directory of associations to identify associations in your industry; search for the full association using an Internet search engine (e.g. Google).

Market Information

Use statistical sources to find demographic and socio-economic information about your market area.

FP markets: Canadian demographics 
Available in print, the source compiles data from the Census and other sources for population, retail sales, income, education, household expenditures, etc., by province/city/census metropolitan area.

Market Research Handbook
Available in print and online, this source compiles data from several federal government sources for population, income, consumer expenditures, etc., by province and census metropolitan area.

Available online, this source allows you to retrieve detailed demographic and socio-economic data from CANSIM and the Census by province, city, census metropolitan area.

Use trade or industry association web sites to learn about demographic and socioeconomic trends that are important to your industry.

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Use Periodical Indexes to find articles in business press, including trade magazines, that give information about your product type and that provide market data and analysis of trends that may be important to your product/market area.

Indexes over 1550 Canadian magazines, journals, newsletters, corporate reports and 3 Canadian newspapers.  Search fields include NAICS code and company name.

Canadian Newsstand
Provides full-text access to approximately 90 Canadian newspapers. Includes articles, columns, features, editorials, obituaries, and letters to the editor.

Indexes nearly 1800 worldwide business periodicals for information on all aspects of business.  Includes Wall Street Journal.

Business Source Complete
Indexes about 2000 journals and magazines in business.  Search fields include NAICS code and company name.

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Help is available through the U of L Library.  Use our toll-free telephone number, 1-888-382-7113, or our web-based question form through Ask Us.

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