Fort Missoula built 15 miles away only three weeks earlier. It's first assignment was to halt 700 Nez Perce and their 2000 horses...
Grandson Dan looks for the old parade square at Fort Missoula ...
... while dad and grandpa check out the old buildings.

As the Nez Perce descended the eastern Bitterroots into Montana they found their path blocked by a crude stockade, later called 'Fort Fizzle'.

It was manned by thirty-five regulars under Captain C.C. Rawn summoned from Fort Missoula by Howard, plus 200 Montana volunteers and, to the Nez Perce's disgust, twenty Flathead Indians. Joseph, Looking Glass and White Bird calmly approached the defenders under a white flag. For three days they parleyed; Rawn demanding their surrender and the Nez Perce asking to be allowed into Montana in peace.



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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