It came morning, third sun of battle. The rifle shooting went on just like play. Nobody being hurt. But soon Chief Looking Glass was killed. Some warriors in same pit with him saw at a distance a horseback Indian. Thinking he must be a Sioux from Sitting Bull, one pointed and called to Looking Glass: 'Look! A Sioux!'

Looking Glass stepped quickly from the pit. Stood on the bluff unprotected. it must have been a sharpshooter killed him. A bullet struck his left forehead, and he fell back dead.

That horseback Indian was a Nez Perce.

- Yellow Wolf

The man who led the Nez Perce out of Idaho and had promised peace to Montana settlers was now dead. Visiting the site in 1979 we found a silver monument enclosed by a fence.

A metal stake marked where he fell.



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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