Jack Baronett built a toll-bridge across the Yellowstone in1871. Mostly used by miners on their way to and from the Clarks Fork it also saw a few tourists. It was partially burned by a Nez Perce raiding party before Howard's troops arrived.

The Baronet's Bridge, a slight structure, stretched across the roaring torrent of the Yellowstone, had its further [south] end so much burned by the raiders that it had fallen out of place, and was not passable; so that we were allowed to rest three hours, long enough to repair the bridge....

The beams, shortened by the fire, were tied to some heavy timber that was fortunately on hand. Mr. Baronet's house, the only one we had seen since Henry Lake, stood a few hundred yards away, on Joseph's side of the river. It was appraised at three hundred dollars, and much of its lumber was brought to the river for replanking. The bridge, which was probably fifty feet above the water, extended from bank to bank, had but one intermediary support, and that fearfully near to demolition. As the first animals were started across the patched-up structure it trembled, and swung laterally very perceptibly, but by a little setting of teeth, and what a Chicago orator called "clear grit' ...in the short space of half an hour the work was done; led horses, loaded pack-mules, and marching men had crossed the flood.

Gen. O.O. Howard



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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