Careless Creek

The Nez Perce and the army behind them left the Musselshell here and followed Careless Creek northwest to Judith Gap. Their route from the Musselshell to Lewistown is not known exactly and is open to interpretation. The caravan probably broke into small groups to facilitate hunting and food gathering as the People headed toward Judith Gap.

Private Connolly was with Howard's troops. Although he could make no claim as a creative writer, his diary entries bespeak the monotony of the terrain and the routine of the pursuit.

Sept. 22nd. Broke Camp, traveled on prairie all day, went about 20 miles, with 7th Cav Camped on Careless Creek. Saw some antelope. Plenty of wood & water.

Sept. 23rd. In camp on Careless Creek. Saw more antelope and buffalo. Plenty of wood and water.

September 24. Broke Camp, traveled on prairie about 8 miles. Camped on creek close to Judith Cuts. Saw some antelope and buffalo. Plenty wood and water.

Pvt. William Connolly



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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