We have just met an escaped prisoner from Joseph's band, his name is James C. Irwin, lately discharged from Co. G 2d Cavalry, Ft. Ellis [Bozeman]. He says he left the hostile camp about 8 o'clock this morning.... This man Irwin will come to your camp and explain the situation. it will be very important to keep this man with you.

S.G. Fisher
September 1, 1877

Near mouth of Pelican Creek on Yellowstone Lake.

Fisher informed Howard that the Nez Perce had headed east from Yellowstone Lake along Pelican Creek and were going over the Absaroka Mountains. Accordingly, General Howard decided to go north, out the Lamar River, up Soda Butte Creek to Cooke City and then across a pass in the Absarokas to the headwaters of the Clarks Fork. This route, although rough, was not nearly as tough as the trail taken by the Nez Perce through the mountains; this is a wilderness area even today. Modern highways follow the route taken by Howard,



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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