After the Nez Perce had withdrawn from the battlefield, the hungry troops fixed dinner for themselves. Remember they had been scouting in central Montana all summer with very sparse rations.

After the battle was over and darkness had come on we had to cut steaks from the horses and mules shot during the day ... It was all the food we had.

John W. Redington

When the battle closed for the day, it developed that three men had been killed and twelve wounded.... Because of the shortage of water, the wounded endured suffering beyond description. The relief train in the rear made very slow progress through the rough country and did not come up until the third day after the battle. The only water in the proximity of the troops was stagnant rain water which had collected in buffalo wallows, and in spite of orders to resist drinking the sickening contents, many of the men endeavored to quench their thirst, which action later resulted in summer complaint, rendering the men unfit for service.

Pvt. Jacob Horner



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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