Crow Indian at Little Big Horn - ca 1975

Making our wounded as comfortable as possible and posting a strong guard, the idea of making night march in pursuit of our enemy having been abandoned . . . , we rolled up in our blankets .... and we were soon sleeping soundly, but were awakened some time in the night by sharp challenges and loud talking near one of the outposts. Soon some two hundred young Crow warriors came dashing into camp, shouting and singing, and from that time on until early dawn sleep was an impossibility, as between the beating of their tom-toms, their shrill war whoops as they danced their war dances, pandemonium raged, but at the first peep of dawn they were off, vowing to overtake and annihilate the enemy

Pv1t. Theodore Goldin



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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