Dead Indian Pass

This is the last high mountain of the Absaroka range, the plains of Wyoming and Montana-buffalo country-lie just ahead. Heart Mountain, a frequently mentioned landmark, stands out on the eastern plains.

The monument at the summit of Dead Indian Pass commemorates the passage of the Nez Perce through here, but it does not mention the confusion they created for those tracking them. just a mile or two beyond the pass the Nez Perce played a trick that was figured out by Chief Scout S.G. Fisher.

From the top of this divide the Enemys trail Bears off to the South East which my Indians tell me would take them to Stinking Water [Shoshone River] to the South of Hart Mountain which is in sight from the sumit we passed over this morning. After leaving the sumit the Enemy followed the Stinking Water trail about two miles then they turned back north driveing their horses around in every direction for the purpose of cacheing their trail which they done in good shape. The Scouts scattered out in every direction to hunt for their trail. I finaly stumbled on it. instead of going out of the bason on the open plain, they had turned North, passing along the steep side of the Mountain through the timber for several miles.... The trail led us through a rough canyon very narrow in places.

S.G. Fisher
September 10, 1877



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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