The command left Camp Winters at seven, A.m. Artillery at head of column. Day clear and pleasantly cool.... The trail led through woods of the same general character as before; rather a "slow trail,' owing to mountainous country and fallen timber. The summit of the hills was covered with rough granite boulders, making the path quite difficult. There was a plenty of excellent springs on trail, our men travel it well, and are in good order. We march sixteen miles and encamp on a slope of the mountain. Poor grazing, indeed, here. The only feed consists of wild dwarf lupine, and wire-grass. Several mules 'were exhausted, and some packs of bacon were abandoned by the way ... Loose Indian horses, broken-down always, were seen along the trail.

Gen. O.O. Howard

The sites of several of Howard's camps have been identified because of artifacts found on location. One of the cannon balls discovered here is on display at the Clearwater Historical Society Museum in Orofino.



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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