Stewart and Kenk did not fare so well. The Indians followed them up and shot Stewart in the side and in the calf of the leg. He fell. Then they followed Kenk up until they killed him. Shot him through the body; one ball struck him in the back of the neck and broke it. I suppose it killed him instantly They raffled his pockets, then came back and was going to kill Stewart. He asked them to spare his life; they asked him if he had any money. They rolled him over and took 260 dollars and a silver watch.... After a time they told him he could live. So they left him; he dragged himself down to the creek and washed his wound.... He looked up and saw his mare coming toward him; he got a halter and put it on her and then he led her to a log and crawled onto her... He rode her about 1 mile, but his wound pained him so that he had to get off her. About this time Stone came hobbling along. He was afflicted with rheumatism anyway, and laying in the water so long had done him no good.

Andrew Weikert



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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