Howard travels to Virginia City for supplies

The command is very deficient in overcoats, blankets, socks, and shoes. Some of the men already complain of rheumatic pains.

Maj. C.T. Alexander

General Howard,inquired how many days would be needed to bring the necessary clothing to the camp from Virginia City, and was informed that it could not be done in less than five. The General was positive it could be done in less time, and without more ado, started for Virginia City, traveling night and day until he returned with all the stock of blankets, shoes, etc., in the town. Besides communicating with General Sherman and McDowell, through the telegraph office, while at Virginia City, Howard also directed further clothing supplies.... A herd of cayuse horses was also brought to serve as pack-animals.

Thomas Sutherland



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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