Thursday, the 23rd of August, found us all at the home camp, as we termed it, ready to retrace our steps towards civilization.... We also received the impression that we might meet the Indians before we reached home....

Home seemed a very desirable place just at this particular time, and we decided with one accord to break camp in the morning.... Naturally we felt somewhat depressed and worried over the news received. My brother Frank and Al Oldham, in order to enliven us somewhat, sang songs, told jokes, and finally dressed up as brigands.... They made the woods ring with their nonsense and merriment for some time....

Emma Cowan
tourist-Radersburg party

Meanwhile less than a mile away the Nez Perce scouts had spotted their campfire

... I saw a light at some distance, a small light. I called the others to come. Pointing, I said, "Look that way!"

Nosnakuhet Moxmox said, "That is fire burning!"

"Yes," I answered. "It may be soldiers or other white people. We will go see why it is."

But one boy thought different. He warned, "We better not go there. It is a swampy place. Our horses might mire down, for we cannot see good."

I replied, "We will lie right here till morning. Then we are going to have a fight with them."

All agreeing, we took our blankets, but built no fire. No fire when scouting....

Yellow Wolf



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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