Henry's Lake

I was made one of a special detail to make a detour and get ahead of the Indians and fortify at Henry Lake. This detachment consisted of Lieuts. Bacon and Hoyle, myself, Guide Poindexter and 15 men. We started out at 3 a.m., and nearly all the camp saw us off, never expecting to see us again. We travelled hard for two days. At the lake we found some cattle men, grazing their herds along the lake. We warned them that Joseph was likely to pass that way, and they thanked us for the warning and moved their animals off. I never knew what Lieut. Bacon's orders were. They were evidently to wait at the lake for two days and if the main column did not reach us by the expiration of that time to return as best we could. Whatever his orders may have been, that is exactly what we did, rejoining Howard's main column four or five miles from the lake, near the trail we had previously passed over. But on our return we made a wide detour in order to avoid the Indians.

Pvt. William Connolly



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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