Gosawyiennight [Bull Bait] and I were traveling behind the camp. The tribe was ahead, and not that anyone ordered us to scout, but we were following slowly. Another young man fell back with us named Lakochets Kunnin [Rattle Blanket]. We three traveled on slowly, following the rest of the people. I said to the two boys, "Let's go on the hill here."

So we did and reaching the summit, we got down from our horses.... We then sat on the hill, where we could see all. we had a glass, and watching through it, we finally saw soldiers coming, following on the trail of the band. They were not far, and the dust showed there was a big bunch of them trailing us....

Gosawyien jumped on his horse and rode swiftly to take the news to the tribe ahead. But Gosawyien had scarce reached the band when we saw the soldiers were approaching very near us, and I said to Rattle Blanket, 'Go hurry! Get your horse and notify the people the soldiers are now right up with us. In a few minutes there will be an engagement."

Rattle Blanket left and I remained alone. It was about middle of day, and soon I saw soldiers appearing below me.... The soldiers were looking at me....

Mounting my horse, I passed from sight of the soldiers, hurrying fast as I could go to my tribe. I overtook them. The families were going on with the packhorses, the warriors had stopped. They were smoking their pipes, preparing for battle. They were silent, keeping quiet. They were not singing their war songs, but were remaining rather still and quiet. They only asked me, "Tell us the news, what the next news?"

"Let's meet the soldiers and have a fight," I said to them.

'No, we will wait for them here," said the leading man. If it is the case, we can fight overnight. We will be all right.'

Peopeo Tholekt
(Bird Alighting)



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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