We passed in sight of Bannock city, the entire town turning out in holiday attire to welcome General Howard and his brave soldiers....

Thomas Sutherland war correspondent

All the women on Horse Prairie and Red Rock moved into Bannack: we were there about two weeks; the men had the court-house barricaded and two barrels of water taken there, and the windows had feather beds Piled against them, so the shot wouldn't reach us: the men also had a small fort in the middle of the street near the well.... We had two or three runs for the court-house; once a woman fainted in the street because she couldn't find her little girl, another woman's sachel flew open, and instead of pearls, she dropped her silver spoons; almost as valuable and scarce at that time.

Alice E. Barrett
Horse Prairie settler



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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