Montague and Flynn were cooking dinner when the Indians surrounded the house. They put up a terrific fight, but the Indians overawed them. Montague being shot entirely through, laid down on the bed where he died. Flynn was found dead lying on the floor. The house was pretty well shot up. Farnsworth and Winters were coming into the barnyard with a load of hay. Farnsworth was shot and killed, but Winters managed to escape into the brush. Mike Herr, Nobeles [Norris] and Smith, being in the hayfield, and seeing what was going on at the house, made for the willows along the creek, but Smith was killed before reaching the brush, while the others made their get-away.

Alexander Cruikshank
Horse Prairie resident

... They [Winters, Herr, and Norris] had to cross the creek and in doing so jumped into some quicksand. They all wore loose cowhide boots in those days. The boots stayed in the mud and they ran on in their sock feet.

Anonymous Horse Prairie resident



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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