Lolo Hot Springs still has lots of visitors

Two young men from Stevensville were at Lolo Hot Springs on a summer outing when the Nez Perce appeared here on July 25. Escaping on stolen horses, they hurried home to the Bitterroot Valley and spread the news that the Nez Perce had arrived. Other visitors appeared in the Nez Perce camp that night as well.

When the Nez Perces camp reached the Hot Springs on the Lo Lo trail ... three Indians met them in their camp. One of these Indians was Nez Perces, but his home was in the Bitter Root valley. He told Looking Glass there were some soldiers on the trail watching for them to come.

Duncan McDonald
Nez Perce reporter

The soldiers waiting for the Nez Perce had barricaded the trail.



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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