Now there's Greer Bridge

In 1877, Dunwell's Ferry was located at the place now called Greer. General Howard had originally planned to have a detachment cross here to go to Weippe and then squeeze the Nez Perce between the force from Weippe and his force from Kamiah. Those plans were foiled when the Nez Perce left Kamiah before a squad of volunteers could reach Weippe. And the volunteers had other problems with getting to Weippe.

The object of the expedition being to get in rear of Joseph on the Lo Lo. trail and to keep him back. On arriving at the river I sent three (3) men down . . . to see if the Ferry boat was in sight, after being gone about two (2) hours, he returned reporting the boat down the river about two (2) miles camped for the night, distance marched twenty (20) miles.

Ed McConville
Colonel of volunteers
July 15, 1877

The ferry house had been burned and the boat cut adrift from its wire. With no way to cross the river, the volunteers returned to Kamiah to rejoin Howard.



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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