Greer Grade on the Clearwater

As soon as it was light he started his squaws and non-combatants to gather up his hundreds of horses, tepees were taken down and loaded upon pack animals, while Joseph himself sauntered down to the river's bank upon a mission of diplomacy.

Eugene I Wilson
Lewiston volunteer

It was Zya Timenna [No Heart] who did the calling across the river, pretending we would surrender

Yellow Wolf

Calling to General Howard, he signified his intention of surrendering and asked for a cessation of hostilities. Howard immediately caused the good news to be signaled to our detachment, and we were ordered to halt for further orders. Hour after hour passed without the hoped-for signal to proceed, the hot sun pouring down upon our heads.... This diplomatic exchange of courtesies was continued between Joseph [actually, No Heart] and General Howard until after the sun had reached the meridian, when, believing that his people had now got a sufficient start to reach the crossing of the trail before we could do so via Dunwell's [at Greer], he fired a shot from his rifle in Howard's direction, slapped that portion of his anatomy which his leggins did not reach, and rode off.

Eugene T. Wilson



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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