This site was a major prehistoric and historic Nez Perce crossing point of the Clearwater River. The nontreaty Nez Perce forded the Clearwater at this location during the 1877 war.

Fleeing from the Battle of the Clearwater, the Nez Perce reached Kamiah and forded the Clearwater on July 13.

Only about half the camp was across the river when they saw Howard's troops approaching. There was quick work done then. It only took a few minutes to cross the balance of the camp.

Duncan McDonald

Crossing the families to north side of the river was easy While this was doing, we saw soldiers riding down the distant hill toward us. We found hiding and waited for soldiers. When they reached the riverbank, we fired across at them. Many soldiers jumped from their horses and ran to any shelter they saw. Others galloped fast back toward the hills. We laughed at those soldiers.

Yellow Wolf

In an exchange of shots an artilleryman had his scalp creased by a bullet. Both camps settled where they were.



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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