Today, along John Day Creek, you can visit the cemetery overlooking at the area where the three Nez Perce ambushed Henry Elfers and Robert Beckrodge who are buried in the cemetery. Also buried here is Richard Devine, from Carver Creek, who was the first casualty of the Nez Perce war.

On the Salmon River a few miles above the mouth of White Bird Creek is the grave of a white man killed by Nez Perces at the outbreak of hostilities. The history of this case as told by a half-blood of good repute, is, that before the war, a young married Indian couple were met in their forest camp by this same white man, who, having the ascendancy in arms, subjected the woman to unwarranted indignities. For this was his life forfeited.

Anonymous Nez Perce



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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