Although Fort Lapwai was a military post, it was not built to be a stronghold.

There is really no fort. There is a hollow square on tle western side of the ravine; the Lapwai flows northerly, near the eastern slope of it. The usual officers' quarters are on the west, facing inwards; the barracks opposite; office on the south; guard-house, with its one sentinel walking up and down in front, on the north, and the parade between. The post-trader's and laundress' houses are nearer the Lapwai, while the stables and other outbuildings are arranged a few paces outside the square and up the valley

Gen. Oliver Otis Howard

While Fort Lapwai - was still a new garrison, a council convened here which resulted in the Treaty of 1863.



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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