The Assiniboines are killing the Nez Perces as I sent them word that they could fight any that escaped and take their arms and ponies.

Col. Nelson Miles
October 14, 1877

We went down Milk River ... and ... somewhere ... near. . . Chinook ... I ran across a naked Indian lying dead among the sage-brush, without a scalp. I searched about on the ground for a clue and soon found four more scalped Indians....

I went on down to the camp of a large number of Upper Assiniboines and asked them about it. They said that the five men and two others were Nez Perce scouts who had come to them, asking them to turn out and help them fight the whites. "What did you do about it?" I asked. They said, "We held a council and determined to tell them we had no cause to fight the whites, by whom we were well treated, and advised them to go over and see the Gros Ventres, who might want to fight. We said to each other, 'Give them a good dinner— give them the best you have got, for it is the last dinner they are ever going to eat."

After their dinner, I was told, they started toward the Gros Ventre village, and were allowed to get some miles away, when the young Assiniboine braves saddled up and went out and killed them all, and their scalps were there hanging on a pole to dry in the wind.

Lt. Hugh Scott



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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