Tom Hlll, Indian name: Whis-tool, a boy, could speak very good English. He was sent to General Miles' camp by the chiefs. Afterwards a smaller boy, George Washington, about thirteen years old was sent to help young Hill. They went to learn what was wanted by General Miles. They were our interpreters.

Yellow Wolf

Tom Hill

Under the flag of truce, young Tom Hill accompanied Chief Joseph to Miles' camp.

General Miles, like many others, supposed Joseph to be the leader of the hostiles, and wanted his surrender in place of the real leader—Looking Glass. This suited the Indians exactly and they allowed Joseph to go to the camp of the soldiers.

Duncan McDonald

Nez Perce reporter

On the morning of October 1st, I opened communication with the Nez Perces and Chief Joseph and several of his warriors came out under flag of trace. They showed a willingness to surrender and brought up a part of their arms (eleven (11) rifles and carbines) but, as I believe, becoming suspicious from some remarks that were made in English, in their hearing, those in camp hesitated to come forward and lay down their arms.

Col. Nelson Miles
December 27, 1877



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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