Around today's Hilger, Montana the Nez Perce went north while General Howard's command continued northeast on the Carroll Trail. Howard had already started detaching troops from his command and sending them home. Now he was a week behind the Nez Perce with no supplies, no food, and horses that could barely walk.

The General's own command being now rationless, like ourselves, it was decided, temporarily at least, to abandon the chase and head for the little settlement of Carroll, Montana....

Pvt. Theodore Goldin

Carroll was the long-forgotten Missouri river port north of Lewiston.

When Howard's command reached Carroll on October 1, they found the steamer Benton waiting for them. The riverboat carried Howard and a detachment of seventeen men upstream to Cow Island.

The Benton was the biggest freight carrier on the upper Missouri. Between 1875 and 1887. It made 59 trips to Fort Benton or Cow Island depending on the water level — the most of any boat.



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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