Borrowing Guidelines

Library materials may be borrowed from...
Important URL's to bookmark
What you need to register for borrowing privileges
Summary of borrowing privileges
Holds, recalls and bookings
Using Interlibrary Loan
Fees, fines and charges
Fine appeal procedures

Library materials may be borrowed from:

General Services Desk (L1007; 403-329-2265)

  • materials from all available collections
  • materials obtained through interlibrary loan
  • audiovisual software and equipment

Self-check Terminals (at General Services Desk)

  • two terminals are available
  • most monographs, periodical back issues, and DVDs can be checked out at these stations
  • no magnetic media (e.g., VHS) or kits can use these terminals

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Important URLs to Bookmark:

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What you need to register for borrowing privileges:

  • your Campus ID Card, or if you are not a student or staff member, a TAL, COPPUL, or CURBA library card.
  • proof of association with the University and/or valid personal identification

Please note:

  • TAL and CURBA borrowers must use the library card issued by their home library.
  • fines must be paid in full each semester
  • you must update your contact information in The Bridge

As a University of Lethbridge Library Borrower, you are responsible for:

  • all material borrowed on your Library card
  • reporting any lost Campus ID Cards to the General Services Desk (to prevent unauthorized use)
  • reporting any change of contact information to the General Services Desk (to ensure receipt of Library notices)
  • returning materials by the date/time due specified at the point of check-out. You are encouraged to consult the "Your Library Record" option to find out what Library materials you have borrowed or requested as well as a statement of any charges outstanding against your record

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Summary of Borrowing Privileges

For specific details on borrower categories and privileges consult the corresponding Borrowing Privileges Package.


  • Loan periods for circulating items vary according to the category of borrower and the type of material borrowed. For most materials, borrowers receive a guaranteed loan period of three weeks. Materials borrowed for periods longer than three weeks, may be recalled after this guaranteed three week loan period has expired.
  • Non-circulating materials may only be borrowed by members of the University Community with current borrowing privileges under special circumstances. Please contact staff at Information & Research Assistance (Reference) on Level 10 for approval of a special loan.

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  • Most items borrowed may be renewed for one additional loan period unless required by another borrower.
  • The renewal loan period is subject to recall.
  • Renewal may be done online, in person, by mail, by calling the General Services Desk (403-329-2265) or by fax at 403-329-2234.
  • Not all materials borrowed through interlibrary loan can be renewed--see instructions on the green or gold band attached to the material(s) at check out.

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Holds, recalls, and bookings:

  • Materials are subject to recall after the guaranteed loan period if another borrower or the Library requests the return of the material. A recall requires the immediate return of the item upon receipt of the recall notice.
  • A hold request may be placed online using the REQUEST button when looking at an item. Holds may also be placed in-person at the General Services Desk. An item currently on-loan will be held for you when the item is returned. Individuals placing a hold on an item at the General Services Desk must present their Campus ID card in-person in order to place a hold on an item. A pick-up notice is sent by email when the item is available.
  • Audiovisual software and equipment required for a specific period of time may be booked in advance by self-booking through the Library Catalogue or asking the General Services Desk staff on Level 10 to book for you (403-329-2265). 
  • Materials with a status of IN PROCESS or ON ORDER or with a location of Remote Storage, may also be requested by using the REQUEST button. A hold is placed on the item and a pick-up notice is sent by email when the item is available.

"I can't find what I am looking for and I have been searching for days!"

If the item required is not on the shelf and is not checked out, ask for assistance from a Library staff member. If the item is still not found, inform the General Services Desk staff who will place a trace/hold on the item. The item will be searched for and if it is still not located within three working days, the status is changed to MISSING.

[NOTE: Interlibrary Loan requests are accepted for items whose status is listed as MISSING or LOST in the online library catalogue and will not be charged against an individual's yearly quota.]

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Using Interlibrary Loan

  • Interlibrary loan service is available to individuals who have registered for Library privileges, qualify to receive the service, and require university-related research materials which are not owned by the Library. Requests for materials from other institutions may be made through the "Interlibrary Loan Requests" option.
  • Fully subsidized interlibrary loans are provided according to a quota (Q) system established on an annual basis according to the available budget, average cost of lending fees and the number of eligible users. Please consult your Borrowing Privileges handout for the specific quota available to you as well as any applicable charges. For members of the University Community, requests that exceed the specific quota may be filled at the annually established cost per filled request payable upon pickup at the General Services Desk.
  • Faculty and graduate students may qualify for the Special Needs Quota.
  • The number of interlibrary loan requests processed per week per user may be limited to 10 during busy periods and/or restricted to Canadian locations.
  • Borrowers will be notified by email when interlibrary loan materials are available for pickup at the General Services Desk. Interlibrary loan materials are subject to the loan period prescribed by the lending library. Photocopies of other institution's material become the property of the requester.

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  • A registration fee for borrowing privileges is charged to individuals who are not members of the University Community.
  • Fees for access to remote collections may be charged for obtaining materials from other institutions.
  • Financial penalties will be levied in cases of overdue items, to encourage the equitable access to and use of resources.
  • Individuals owing more than $10.00 to the Library shall not be allowed further borrowing privileges.

Overdue Fines/Charges:/


$0.50 per item per DAY overdue for first 14 days; $1.00 per item per DAY overdue for day 15+

Serials (bound and unbound journals/magazines):

$1.00 per item per DAY overdue

Interlibrary loans:

$1.00 per item per DAY overdue

Special loans:

$1.00 per item per DAY overdue

Recalled materials:

$1.50 per item per DAY overdue

Reserve hourly loans: (2 hour, 4 hour, 24 hour, 48 hour)

$1.00 per item per HOUR overdue

Reserve seven day loans:

$1.00 per item per DAY overdue

Audio-visual software:

$1.00 per item per DAY overdue

Audio-visual equipment:

$1.00 per item per HOUR or DAY overdue (circulation varies depending on item demand)

Lost/damaged materials:

Cost of replacement/repair plus $25 processing fee for lost items

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Fine Appeal Procedures

The Fines Appeal process applies to fines incurred by the borrower. If you feel a fine was applied unfairly, then you have the right to appeal the fine.

  1. Appeals regarding fines should be directed to the check-out desk from which an item was borrowed and appointments may be arranged with the Supervisor, Access Services.
  • Appeals will not be accepted after fines have been paid.
  • While an appeal is pending, borrowing privileges will not be blocked.
  • Reasons why fines may not be appealed include, but are not limited to:
    • Disagreements regarding the Library Access Policy
    • Lack of awareness/knowledge of Library policies
    • Forgetting the due date
    • Not renewing on time
    • Failure to receive courtesy and overdue notices
    • Inability to renew online
    • Not returning recalled materials because patron was out of city/country

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