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The University of Lethbridge Timeline

  • What is the University of Lethbridge Timeline?
    • The University of Lethbridge Timeline is a project that originates in the University Archives in cooperation with the University Library. It is a chronology of major milestones in the University's history from its origin in 1966 to the present. It will be updated as required. Please send all queries and suggestions to mike.perry@uleth.ca .
  • Who has worked on this project?
    • The website was built by Marcel Jepson and is maintained by Jacob Cameron. Research, text and image selection has been done by students Krysti Bouttell-Bonnar and Tim Armstrong in consultation with the University Archivist.
  • How do I view the Timeline?
    • Years are listed on the left hand side of the page, simply click on the year that you want to view.
  • What information is displayed on the timeline?
    • Each year is separated into the following sections; Historical Highlights, Gallery, University Calendars, University News, and Honorary Degree Recipients. An explanation of each is provided below:
  • Can I search the Timeline?
    • The Timeline can be searched in any University search box.

Historical Highlights

This area is intended to chronicle notable events, milestones, and academic achievements in a specific year.


The photographs in this section reflect the changing landscape of the University campus. Clicking on the picture opens a larger image.


Clicking on a calendar cover will open a full text and searchable PDF copy of the calendar for that academic year.


The University's official paper (Aperture, Medium, Forum, Legend, etc.) and the independent student paper "the Meliorist" are both available to search and browse online. Just click on the paper and it will bring you to the digital collection.

Honorary Degree Recipients

This is a collection of images of the honorary degree recipients for that academic year.