Signage on Library Premises

Because of space limitations, the Library must set limits and priorities for distribution or display of printed materials (flyers, brochures, posters, bookmarks, etc.) within the Library's facilities. In order to accommodate the distribution of essential information on Library services and operations, to provide equitable treatment of posting requests and to enhance the aesthetics of the Library, the following policy is adopted.


Procedures for Posting on Bulletin Boards



Procedures for Posting Elsewhere in the Library


  • A free-standing message board located at the Library entrance is reserved for the posting of Library related information and events.
  • Postings on the outside of the Library doors, on the pillars outside the Library entrance and in other unauthorized places in the Library are forbidden and will be removed. Only signage produced by the Public Relations and Promotions Committee will be allowed in these areas.
  • Students may use the Student Message Board on Level 10 for personal messages.


Acceptable Items


Fliers, posters, or similar material for:


  • Library related events, services and resources
  • UofL sponsored programs, events, services, classes
  • University club events  


Unacceptable Items


Fliers, brochures, posters, giveaways, or similar material for:


  • Commercial or personal services
  • Items for sale or rent

University Policy: Signage & Advertising on University Premises

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