Frequently Asked Questions - Overdues and Fines

1. What are the fines for my overdue Library materials?
Fines vary depending on the type of material signed out. Check here for a list of material types and their corresponding fines.

2. I'm sure I returned the book on time, but I was fined anyway. What can I do?

You have the option of appealing if you have not yet paid the fine. Check here for information on the Fines Appeal Procedures.

3. Will I be allowed to sign out more items if I have unpaid fines?

Anyone (other than a U of L undergraduate or graduate student) who owes more than $10.00 will not be allowed further borrowing privileges until money is paid to decrease the fine to less than $10.00.  Fines must be totally paid off each semester.

4. How can I find out how much I owe in fines?
Choose any one of the following:

5. Will I receive any advance reminders when it is time to return my Library materials?
Yes, you will receive a courtesy notice via email for any items that have a loan period of 7 days or longer.

To ensure that you receive courtesy notices, please check with the General Services Desk staff to ensure we have your email address in our database.

6. How can I pay my fine if I am not able to come into the Library?

U of L Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

All other patrons may choose the following methods:

  • Mail a cheque (made out to the University of Lethbridge Library) to the following address:
    University of Lethbridge Library
    4401 University Drive
    Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4

  • Pay the fine via Internet banking. The user's U of L ID number is the Account number.  Please email the Cash Office at and ask them to phone us to confirm that the telephone/internet banking transaction has gone through (it is not automatic in the library system).

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 Content Revised: November 20, 2018