Admission Application

This application is for exchange admission only. It is not a general application for admission to the University of Lethbridge. There is no fee associated with this application.

International students wishing to attend the University of Lethbridge should contact the coordinator at their home institution before submitting an application.

Fall Semester (September - December) Deadline:  April 15

Spring Semester (January - April ) Deadline:  September 15

Once an application has been received, a letter of acceptance will be sent to the student's exchange coordinator.

Note: Before your application will be considered, our office must receive email confirmation of your nomination to the program from your exchange co-ordinator.

If you make an error in your application, do not submit a second application.  Email changes to

Applicant information
Mailing address
Permanent address
Emergency contact information

I authorize the International Programs Office to use my photograph as they consider appropriate.

Semester you wish to attend
Educational background
Dates attended
Please attach a copy of your academic transcript in either Word format or pdf (up to 5 MB).
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Declaration of Applicant

With regard to this application, I certify that the particulars furnished are true and complete in all aspects, and that no information has been withheld.

I understand that falsifying documents or information on this application will result in penalties up to and including immediate permanent dismissal from the University. I understand that misrepresentation, falsification of documents or the withholding of requested information in regard to this application are serious offenses that may result in prosecution under the University of Lethbridge Calendar policies and/or the Criminal Code of Canada. I understand that the University reserves the right to cancel any admission ruling on medical or other grounds.

In addition, I (student/debtor/undersigned) agree, as a condition of registering at the University of Lethbridge, to pay interest charges to the University of Lethbridge on any sum that becomes due and payable according to the terms listed below.

I agree, if admitted to the University of Lethbridge, to comply with the regulations of the University. I understand that my admission will not be final until my file is complete and all required documents have been received.

Official transcripts will not be released until outstanding accounts have been paid in full. Any outstanding fees after the first month of classes (Oct. 1 and Feb. 1) will result in accumulating interest of prime + 5%.

Notwithstanding any policy of the University, by submission of this application, the applicant agrees that if in default of any obligation to the University, the information contained in this application and other documentation held by the University from time to time, and which is related to the applicant, may be used by the University or any agent on its behalf for all purposes regarded by the University as necessary in the conduct of its affairs.

Housing application

Students can choose to live on campus, off campus or with a homestay family.

If you choose to live on campus, you will need to apply directly through Housing Services at their website: Please note: Only students attending September to April are eligible to live on campus. If you are here for only one semester, you must live off-campus.

If you choose to live off campus, the Education Abroad Coordinator will find the most suitable accommodation for you and arrange to pay a housing deposit on your behalf before you arrive. We will pay a deposit equal to one month's rent. You will be responsible for paying this money to the International Programs Office within one week of accepting the room selected for you.

If you choose to live with a homestay family, please visit for information.

Please fill out all of the following questions regardless of your choice to live on or off campus. Also, please note that if you choose to live on campus, your roommate must be the same gender as you. If you choose to live off campus, you will be placed with other exchange students and/or Canadian students.

Roommate preference

If you don't have a roommate preference, please skip to Personal Habits question

Roommates on campus must be of the same gender. If you would like to live with a boyfriend or girlfriend, you will be placed off campus.

It may not always be possible for us to place you with your choice of roommate. If there are special circumstances that we should consider, please include your comments below:

Personal habits
If you smoke, please note that all accommodations forbid smoking inside and some also forbid smoking on the outside premises near the building.
Most importantNext importantLeast important
Less expensive rent *
Overall nice appearance *
Close proximity to the university campus *
There is a variety of accommodations on our off-campus housing list. Each house has different advantages and disadvantages. To help us find an appropriate match for you, please indicate which factors are most important to you in a home by rating them in order of importance.
Health concerns
Buddy program application

The purpose for the Buddy Program is to link UofL students with incoming exchange students so that current students can help ease the visiting students' transition to Lethbridge and to the University.

The buddy program connects you with a University of Lethbridge student volunteer who is a friend and guide for you as you get used to Lethbridge. The student will see you weekly and will help you get acquainted with the campus, the city and your classes.

If you answered 'yes' to the above question, please fill out the rest of this section. If you answered 'no', please skip to the International Student Friendship Program section.

International Friendship Family Program
A friendship family is a local family that volunteers to invite you into their home and/or for a family outing once a month while you are in Lethbridge. Friendship Families are available for students living on-campus or in off-campus accommodations.

If you answered 'yes' to the above question, please fill out the rest of this section. If you answered 'no', please skip to the end of the form.

Admission and registration authorization