IT Store


The University of Lethbridge has partnered with a number of vendors to offer educational discounts to faculty, staff and students for PERSONAL PURCHASES only.

If you would like to take advantage of educational discounts, click on the LOG IN button below. Logging in confirms that you are authorized to access the IT Store. The Kivuto icon (third party distributor) will take you to software; the Dell and Apple icons will take you to those respective sites where you can browse merchandise.

If you require assistance with your purchase, contact the Solutions Centre at (403) 329-2490 or at

IMPORTANT: Not all vendor discounts will be available to every user. Some discounts are available to students only, some to staff only, etc. Please read carefully.

Alumni: U of L Alumni have access to the Dell Store for discounted hardware purchases.


Click here to read the University's Policy on Professional Supplement Funds.